AniOnline Story Terminology


Autumn Sanctuary
One of four Seasonal Paradises. Autumn Sanctuary is composed of marble columns similar to a pantheon. It is currently located in Halloween.

Battle Verge
A massive continent that is home to most Active World countries and millions of different breeds of wild monsters. Living in the Battle Verge is said to be the best means of testing one's ability to survive in the wild.

A town separated from the rest or the world outside of the month of October. Its population consists entirely of civilzed monsters. It is rumored that staying in Halloween for too long can turn you into a monster. Halloween is the ideal resort for Monster Hunters, and the origin of the holiday "Halloween".

A kingdom located northwest of the Aquarian Ocean. It is famous for its rich, 1500 year old history and having the most foreign accents in any given country. The current Prime Minister of Pantheria is Leonardo Wyatt.

People and Organizations

A person or monster that is a greater challenge to fight than other opponents. Some bosses can have their own army of goons, while others defend mass amounts of treasure. There are official specifications that identify whether an adversary is considered a boss or not.

Creatures created through genetics to mimic the traits of Vampires without also mimicing the weaknesses of Vampires. They are able to ascend to a "were-bat" like state that boosts their stats and gives them the ability of flight, but prevents them from equipping weapons. The 18th-19th century organization Order of the Dragon is supposedly made up of these genetically enhanced hybrids.

Elemental Spirit
Mediators between the world of the living and the spirit world based on the four elements: earth, water, fire, and wind. Elemental Spirits will have powers based around their element and can assume a secondary form, some as big as ten meters.

Monster Hunter
Someone who hunts monsters for a living. They require both extensive field training and civilian status. Freedom Fighters and Warriors from the Battle Verge may take up Monster Hunting as a part-time job. They are easily recognized by their unkept appearance and love of cowboy hats.

A broad term used to refer to people or animals that are, by nature, fearsome. Civilized monsters in Halloween can be friendly to guests, while wild monsters have animalistic instincts and can attack unprovoked.

Supernatural messengers of death. They are an organized group of spirits that take on the form of a living person draped in a black cloak. They are almost always carrying a sickle with them, which they use to subdue resistant or corrupted spirits. They are considered neutral forces in the supernatural world, and do nothing that would either help or harm the physical world.

Artificial humans originally created by the imagination of one man in the early 20th century, but 70 years ago anyone could create their own Reflection to their own specifications. By default, a Reflection will carry over the personality and physical appearance of the human he or she is created from unless specific input is provided, and all Reflections will have most of the memories of the original human they were created from carried over to them, giving them basic knowledge and abilities. They were exploited as a means to create instant soldiers during the Mage Wars, and resulted in one of the biggest acts of genocide to ever strike the century.

World III
An Organization composed of twelve of the original Reflections created by William Wisp, the founder of World III. With the death of Atticus Wisp, the leader of World III, the Organization was disband after the Mage Wars, and later reformed as an elite group of Monster Hunters.