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Article Title: Ani Apprentice - Interview with the first person 'fired'
I had a chat with the first person to be sent out of the Ani Office. x_Megan_x seems like a lovely girl. <3

Celria: Did you get along with all of your team mates?

x_Megan_x : Of 'course I did. They were all great people & easy to work with, however the tasks we were given didn't require too much teamwork. I, personally, found it difficult to communicate with all my teammates as we'd rarely all be online & I never was there when the others were on flash chat. But, besides that, we all got along.

Celria: So you got along with everyone? Was there anyone you got along with more, or have made friends with?

x_Megan_x : Well, I found myself getting to know a few of my team mates a little better. I especially got to know Pirate as she posted in my thread, and she was the one whom I talked to the most. I also got to know a lot of the others, but she was the one I most connected with.

Celria: Yeah, she's so sweet isn't she? Is there anyone you found that you didn't get along with?

x_Megan_x : Very sweet, & a great at pixeling too!

& I never really found myself fighting with anyone, as that's usually not my nature, even in real life. As well, I wasn't in long enough to get pissed off at anyone, really.

Celria: Did you like the short time in the game that you had?

x_Megan_x : It was a great experience! I loved it; however, it would've been much more fun if Task 1 went through though.

Celria: Yeah, that was a bit disappointing. So, who do you think will win the game, who will the apprentice be?

x_Megan_x : I know, I made quite a few items too.

I personally think you, Celria, will win as you not only stuck up for the other members of your team, but also do a lot for the community with the AniPaper and everything. <3

But everyone else also has an equal chance so I'm just waiting to see who'll pull through & make it to the top. <3

Celria: Whee, a vote of confidence, or are you just saying that to be nice? As you know, the current task is about voting someone off. If you were still in the game, who do you think you'd get rid of

x_Megan_x : I'm saying it because I believe you'd make a great Mod. :3

If I was still in the game I'd have a tough time deciding, as they all have great qualities a mod should have, but I'd probably have to go with Freya. Even though, as you said, she was gonna shine with making banners and such, I didn't see her at all during the 2nd task and (as of right now) she hasn't voted. This means she's not on during the busier parts of the day, where Ani needs Mods.

Celria: Alright, I have to be heading off, so this interview will be coming to an end. Anything you want to say to the Ani public? Any last words?

x_Megan_x : Make sure to keep track of Ani Apprentice, as it looks like it'll get interesting. :3

& to the Ani Apprentice contestants, I'll be watching you! <3
Posted: Celria @ Sun Jun 04, 2006 12:18 am


Article Title: Ani apprentice - first task interveiws.
Here they are, the interveiws with the team leaders of the first Ani Apprentice task. I have interveiwed Coal, but I couldn't very well interveiw myself, so the lovely lady Matsuko has done it for me.


Celria: Did you find organizing this task in any way difficult?

Coal: Nope. Most of the time, people just PMed me with there items, all I really had to do was submit them.

Celria: How was he communication between you guys? Did you get to talk a lot at all, or was it just work? Have you made friends with any of your fellow team mates?

Coal: We tried to talk as much as we could. We used the flash chat and PMs to talk quit a bit.

And ya, I think have made friends with some of my team mates.

Celria: Would you mind my asking who you made friends with, and telling me a bit about them?

Coal: Well, I think I the person I became most friends with would be Pirate. It would have to be because of all the PMs discussing the event, and sharing Items and ideas.

I think that I have also became more friendly with the other members, I and I hope that I will be able to come even more friendly with everyone :3

Celria: What were your feelings when your first task was effectively cut in half?

Coal: At first I felt disappointed. I really wanted to try marketing, but then I got over it.

I guess that we didn’t have enough items accepted in order to successfully have a big saleish thing.

Life doesn’t always go as planed, so you have to be able to accept whatever happens.

Celria: That's a good philosophy. I think I'll finish this interview up, but is there anything you'd like to say to the public before I do?

Coal: I would just like to thanks everyone for making Ani the great place that it is! <33


Question 1: What were some of your responsibilities as a team leader?
Answer: The main thing was making sure we were organized and communicated with each other. Because alot of the communication was done over PMs or when people were not online, we had to fill them in on anything that was decided on, or anything significant that had happened in conversations they weren't part of. I also had to make sure that everyones submissions were transperant so that the pixel artists would have an easy time adding our submissions. Thinking of things for people who were not good at pixel art to do was also on the list.

Question 2: Sounds like you were busy, were you disappointed with the outcome of the first round?

Answer: Yes I was, I was quite dissapointed. Not in the way the task was handled, I think James did a great job. I was dissapointed in myself, because I submitted something like 64 items, but _none_ of them were good enough to go into the stores. I dunno, I'd worked hard, and it was discouraging. I'm pretty sure my team mates felt the same way, they each contributed alot too...

Question 3: It sounds like your team is a tight-knit group.Was it hard to vote someone out in the third round?
Answer: Yeah it was, I didn't want to vote off anyone in my team because I liked them all, but I didn't want to vote off anyone in the other team because I didn't know them and it wouldn't be fair. ;_;

Question 4: That's interesting, do you think it would be more fair to switch the teams around every once in a while and get to know the other team members this way?
Answer: Yeah, I was thinking that might get done as the groups start to get smaller. I think that's how they did it on the television show anyway. The people on the other team seem great, especially Pirate, she was being _so_ nice to me in the flash chat the other day. <3

Question 5: It's great to make new friends, do you think you'd become a good moderator if you won the competition?
Answer: I'm pretty sure I would, I mean, right now in the flash chat I'm telling a new user how to change the gender of his avatar. ^^ I think I already do a fair amount of the 'helping newbies' thing, and I wouldn't mind cleaning up spam if I were able to...

Question 6: Well, I wish you luck in the competition. Is there anything you'd like to say before concluding this interview?
Answer: I guess I'd like to wish everyone luck in the competition, and I'll do a shoutout that I think Von God, my team mate, is a great guy, and you sould all give him hugs and kisses <3
Posted: Celria @ Sun Jun 04, 2006 12:06 am


Article Title: Ani Apprentice—An exclusive article.
Here it is, the exclusive scoop on the new sensation that is sweeping across the site; Ani Apprentice! Read through this article to discover who the entrants are, what qualities they will need to possess and even, a detailed account of one of the tasks! (Are you taking notes competitors? You’d better! This is going to be the best preparation you’ll get!)

The characteristics that our competitors will need to have are: leadership qualities, logic, kindness, moderation abilities and pixel art. Don’t worry if all of these do not apply to you, but you’ll need at least one person on each team with one of those characteristics.

There will be a different group leader for each task, so everyone gets the opportunity to show what they are like in a leadership position. At the end of each task, this intrepid reporter will interview the person who has been fired, and the group leader, so that you, the public can get in on the action.

Now, here it is, what all you contestants have been waiting for! An overview of one of the tasks! You’ll need your pixel artist/s out at the ready for this one!

You are to make and design a number of pixel outfits to sell in the trading post. They will not be accessible to buy in the stores, but when people purchase them from your trading post thread, the items will appear in the customers inventory. The person who can succeed at selling the most of their pixel items is the winner! Team mates without the ability to pixel art will not be left out, they can market, decide on what to make, advertise, man the store, and any number of things that the team can think of!

Good luck to all competitors!

Especially to me, and the blue team!
Posted: Celria @ Sat May 27, 2006 12:24 am


Article Title: Unreliable Sever
As you all know Anionline is a very unreliable site, the hosting we use is prone to downtime for some reason or another, causing our beloved website to vanish from the internet, however.... YOU CAN HELP.
Donations are coming through now better than ever and at this rate we will be able to buy our own server, with our own space!
If this happens we wont suffer from downtime at all!

If you donate to Ani you will not only recieve a funky item, but you will also be helping make your fav website 24/7!

So what can you get by donating for this month?
Well today (the 24th) you can donate £8 ($14 american) for the ultra rare Wings of the Fallen!

Since its a special release you cannot use the usual form, please use this temp one

PM me for this item, not ice
Paypal Email Address:

For the rest of the month you can donate for the new donation items, the Dark Halo and Angelic Headband by the normal method, here!

All donations are loved, so if you can afford it open up your wallet and help us out!
Posted: James @ Wed May 24, 2006 9:26 pm


Article Title: Interview with God.

Hannah: Hello, My name is Hannah Montana and do you mind if I interview you and ask you a couple of Questions?

God: Sure go ahead.

Hannah:Okay. What would you plan on doing if you became a Mod, Admin,or Owner of Ani? How would you improve this site and who would you make Mods or Admins?

God: Well, first off I'd probably try to figure out what the demand is for the users and report it to the owner, unless I was the owner. Secondly, I'd try to work my hardest to get what the users want.

Getting a user to look at your site is one thing, getting a user to be hooked on your site is another.

How would I improve this site?
Well that's easy I'd start by trying to make a "game mode", this would be hard work and would need alot of dedication. My plan would be to make an online mmorpg so users can play and interact, much like Maplestory or Gaia Towns, but only earn currency in the forums. This would probably allow me to make more graphics for the site.

Is there anything else?

Hannah: Yes, What exactly is a 'mmorpg'??

God:Well, an MMORPG is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. It's just something fun to do.

How long have you been on this site? Would this site interest other users of different sites to join this one?

God:Well I've been on here since the begining of May, around there.

Yes, I think it would. Coming from a Gaia, this site offers the same ammount, or more, "action" as other sites and it hasn't even began to walk.

It's also extraodinary how users can submit their items to be put in shops, more sites should promote this. It makes the user want to dedicate more time to the site.

Hannah:If you were owner of this site how much Zenny would you give to the user if they had just joined?

God: I'd say around the same ammount that is given now.
The ammount given at the moment works the user to buy certin things during certian times. The Zenny ammount is a-okay by me.

Hannah:Good. If you could invent ANY item on Ani what would it be and why? Would you think the users would like it?

Well, as you can see I'm hooked on zombies. heh.
The item I'd probably make is some sort of item that would allow you to have "multiple" items, much like the Lunar Pendant, just because it's not done in many games, and zombies arn't normally introduced so early.

Hannah:Well that includes the interview! Is there any questions that you would like to ask me?

God:Yes, if you become a reporter what do you intent on doing?

Hannah: If I become a reporter I intend on doing tons of interviews constantly asking people all sorts or questions. I find it really fun to do!

God:Thank you for the Interview Hannah!!

Hannah: Your welcome!
Posted: Anonymous @ Sun May 21, 2006 7:34 pm

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