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The Ball Attacked!
Posted: James @ Tue Jun 06, 2006 4:04 pm
Matsuko: This is ace reporter, Matsuko, reporting live from the ball. Yet another disaster has struck! As guests arrived they came to the ballroom to find it in pieces. The curtains aflame, the ground uprooted, and the main dishes frozen. I have James Fadbury here, host of this ball. Mr. Fadbury, what happened?

Fadbury: I refuse to answer any questions at this time, for it was partially my fault. I do have a spare ballroom, however and the event will still continue.

Matsuko: No comment? Come on, just a little?

Fadbury: Talk to the Justice Core if you want a full blow-by-blow. I have a party to scrounge together quickly.

Matsuko: Justice Core? Is that the name they go by? Will do! Well, there you have it…the ball will commence soon. And now, I’m off to talk to the Justice Core team. I’ll be sure to report back when I have more information.



Bunny Trails
Posted: Icetears @ Sun May 28, 2006 1:29 am
The group ran as fast as they could to the event.
“You just had to go shopping while the event is ending, didn’t you?” asked Kino Orange to Déjà Vu.
“Excuse me, but when there are new clothes in the Xtravigance you don’t just walk past them.” She answered.
“Fashion Diva.” Kino Orange shot back.
“You know it.” She retorted.

As they neared the event they heard screams and shouting. They ran faster coming up to a crowd of people surrounding their friend, Buggzy…who lied dead on the ground.
“Who would do such a thing?” gasped Innocent Trickster.
Matsuko, the Ani Paper’s Ace Reporter turned around and answered “The Zombie Gang. We found this though. It’s a to- do list.”

Looking at the list it read the following
1. Kill Buggzy 2.Steal some rare weapons 3.Search out other Holiday Keepers

“…If only we got here sooner.” mumbled Déjà Vu.
“You’re the one who decided that shopping was more important.” whispered Hazy.
“That isn’t fair!” cried out Déjà Vu as she tried to swing a punch at Hazy. Grabbing her, Das tried to calm her down. “It’s ok…Buggzy knew it was going to happen. We have to live up to our promise to keep the hope alive and find out who murdered him and right those wrongs.”
“Right, and I know exactly where the best place to get the rare weapons is: the Rare Shop.”



Transformations part 2
Posted: Icetears @ Mon May 15, 2006 6:25 pm
“I’m next!” exclaimed Das.
“Noo!!! You can do that later…right now you have to...” chimed in Fuhrer.

Holding his arms out he felt a cool wind pick up…slowly the wind became stronger until a tornado formed. The tornado raged around Das and then picked him up. A few seconds later, the tornado died out and Das was left, flying.

He had a Blue helm on and was dressed in a white and blue jumpsuit and had a light blue cape. On his chest was the letter “A” with wings.

“Augh…I give up,” Exasperated Fuhrer.

“I’ll go.” Stated Hazy firmly. Closing his eyes, the room darkened until out of nowhere a bright yellow lightning bolt flashed and electrified Hazy. More came vibrantly and shot around him. His eyes began to grow bright yellow. When the lights slowly illuminated Hazy could be seen wearing all black with vibrant eyes with lightning bolts slowly flickering. A yellow lightning bolt was to be found on his chest.

“Our turn!” shouted the twins and the clasped hands. As they did, together they began to transform. Around both of them waves of water washed over them however after a time, Innocent Trickster’s waves froze around her. Crystal shards trapped her while a Tsunami crashed along Déjà Vu. As the water died down, the shards cracked and Déjà Vu and Innocent Trickster had transformed. Both were wearing similar rich blue outfits.

“Now that you guys are all done transforming, I suggest we get to the Easter event and help out Buggzy.” Suggested Fuhrer.
“Oh yes! We’ve probably missed the event! Let’s go!” Called out Kino Orange.



Transformations part 1
Posted: Icetears @ Mon May 15, 2006 6:23 pm
“And umn, how are we supposed to learn from that thing?” asked Innocent Trickster as she prodded the purple sphere on the floor with her foot. The orb glowed and then rose up in the air. Its eyes grew larger.
“That THING has a name!” squeaked the orb. “My NAME is Fuhrer. I’m your guide. Got it?”
Innocent nodded nervously and apologized.
“So…How are we supposed to power up or whatever?”
“Actually you guys already know how to transform…just concentrate and don’t stop even if you feel stupid. Your powers work the same way…” started Fuhrer.

Excitedly, Texas Granny said “Right! Well…I’m the oldest. I’ll go first…”
“Uhh...I didn’t mean to say you guys should actually train right now…”Fuhrer tried to get in.

Ignoring him, Granny went on “Let’s see…I’m fire so…I should think fiery thoughts…or something…wait I should relax and let it happen.” Closing her eyes she held out her right hand, concentrating yet relaxing her body. A splash of fire leaped across her finger tip and started covering her whole hand. The flame gained speed as it inflamed her whole body.

It burned a brilliant orange and yellow light for a few moments and then died down. It was then that you could see what she had transformed into. Her hair had become fire itself, yet innocently tied into pigtails. Her suit was bright red and her skin much tanner than before. On her chest was her symbol, fire.

“Woah! That’s soo cool! My turn.” Kino Orange said.

“But…but guys! You need to…” started Fuhrer.

Relaxing his body but still concentrating a small vine appeared at his legs. The vine twisted around him like a snake slowly getting thicker and thicker. As it reached his head it wrapped around again and then broke off, leaving Kino transformed.

He looked like something from the 70’s. He had long black hair and a green bean hat. His jeans were ragged and torn. His shirt was green and had an orange “V” on it.



Heroes pt 2
Posted: Icetears @ Mon May 08, 2006 3:45 pm
"Please protect Ani's hope and find the sources of all evils that are approaching." With a final nod, Buggzy hopped out, to start the Easter Celebration. The heroes stared at each other, unable to decide what to think of each other.



The Heroes are born!
Posted: Icetears @ Mon May 08, 2006 3:43 pm
Let me take you back…back to when it all started. It isn’t as far back as you think.

They had little in common (except for the twins). Texas Granny, Innocent Trickster, Déjà vu, Kino Orange, Hazy, and Das seemed to be just like everyone in Ani. They all had their flaws and strengths, but doesn’t everyone? They had all one thing in common: Buggzy had asked each of them privately to come to his warehouse the morning of Easter.

Buggzy, being Ani’s Easter Bunny, had respect that only a Holiday Keeper could gain. He was to be worshiped and adored. When he had asked the six to come meet him, they weren’t to ask questions.

The bunny hadn’t arrived yet and the six were alone in the cold warehouse. Looking each other over, the six questioned why they had been sent, and Buggzy had in store for them.

A few soft hops echoed into the warehouse as he formed. It was rare that you would see a Holiday Keeper. They all took in his sight. He was tall, with strong leg muscles. It was obvious that he was strong, but all Holiday Keepers had to be. He stood proud in front of them. His muscles were only vaguely hidden by his white and light pink fur.

He looked them over and a short grin passed over his face.
“I suppose you all want to know why I have called you in here.”
None answered. They were too afraid to speak.
“I have distressing news…someone is trying to destroy the holidays in Ani. There are outbreaks of crime lately, and I know they are only going to become worse.”He continued.
A bit of a gasp escaped out of Innocent Trickster’s mouth.
Hazy smirked, “Crime happens in all cities. It’s a sign of the growth of our...”
“Silence!” Hushed, Buggzy. “It is far more distressing than you think. Your city, Little City is one of the strongest sources of hope in the world. It is the core of Ani's hope. If the hope that fuels our holidays are gone, the rest of the world’s might diminish as well.”
“What…what would you have us do?” asked Orange Kino. “You’re so strong, you’re a Holiday Keeper. We’re just…civilians.”
“As a Holiday Keeper I can tell when my time is short, as it is now. There will be if another to take my place as long as the hope is kept alive in Ani. Being gone, and the way I die…I need you to protect Ani, and its hope.”

No one said anything for a few moments. They all tried to let it sink in. Finally Granny spoke, “Sir, what are WE going to do about it? Like Kino said, we are just regular citizens.”
“You are citizens that I and the other Holiday Keepers have noticed share a divine amount of hope and respect for Ani. For this reason, I and the other Keepers have decided to bestow on each of you gifts measurable to your inner soul to help protect us.” Spoke Buggzy. “Now, stand in a line so I can light your talents that you already have inside of you.”

They did as they were told, hesitantly. Buggzy walked infront of them touching their foreheads gently.
“To Granny: Inside of you is a fiery passion for life. Let this guide your way and you will find your inner strength. For this reason, I bestow upon you the title of Stardust. This will be the power of Fire.” As Buggzy touched her forehead, a yellowish orange light appeared around her.

“To Kino Orange: Your love for nature will guide you to an understanding of the world around you. For this, I give you the title of Vinny Vine. This will be the power of Earth.” As Buggzy touched his forehead, green and orange light appeared around him.

“Ah, the twins…

To Déjà vu: Just as water in a glass or bowl, you are able to adapt in any situation your world tries to mold to you. For this, reason I bestow upon you the title of WaterDrop. This will be the power of Water.” As he touched her forehead a dark blue light surrounded her.

“To Innocent Trickster: Your ability to stay cool in tough situations and strengthen your sister makes it apparent that you are Ice. For this reason, I bestow upon you the title of Icefrost.” As he touched her forehead a whitish blue light surrounded her.

“To Das: Your desire to reach new heights brings you the power of flight. I therefor, title you Aerofly. Your powers will be of the wind.” As he touched his forehead a white and blue light surrounded him.

“And finally, to Hazy: Your stunning personality may not always be understood at times, but you always are doing things for the right reasons. At times you may shock, and confuse, but you are always moving in the right current. Because of this, I bestow upon you the title of Lectro. Your powers will be that of electricity.” A black and yellow light surrounded Hazy as Buggzy touched him on the forehead.

"One more thing before I go..." Started Buggzy as a round purple orb rolled along the grown and stopped close to Buggzy's feet. Dotted Green eyes formed on the Orb. "This is Fuhrer, he will be your guide and teach you everything you need to know."

"Please protect Ani's hope and find the sources of all evils that are approaching.&...



Plot update! Who are these masked figures?
Posted: Icetears @ Fri Apr 28, 2006 6:28 pm
Last night, the Zombie Gang struck havoc again at the nearby Rares Museum. Inside they tried to steal expensive artifacts and items that are soon to come. Their dastardly plans were however, foiled.

The security camera shows that as they were trying to hack into the lock system, 6 shaded figures arrived on the scene. The security camera is not very clear and I was unable to see what these masked figures looked like and how they frightened away the Zombies. Though unable to destroy the Zombie Gang, these heroes (for now they are our heroes), were able to chase them away.

I will try to get to the bottom of whom these masked figures are and what their purpose is as soon as possible.
-Ace Reporter, Matsuko, signing out.



Anetics First Product
Posted: Leo @ Tue Apr 18, 2006 1:43 pm
Today sandy, the shop owner recived a large quantity of small robots in a large sealed crate with the anetics logo ontop.

[NPC] Sandy wrote:
I came to open up the shop this morning when i found a large crate on the floor, upon opening it i found these really fun little robots. Even though i have not purchased them, i will still sell them in the toys section of my shop and if anetics want money for them, then i will gladly pay up.



Storyline Update
Posted: Leo @ Mon Apr 17, 2006 7:04 pm
On the outskirts of little city has opened up an organisation known as Anetics, not much is known about this new asset to little city yet but they look to be rather hitech and may bring little city into the mordern world of technology.

Their site is located at but their security seems to be very tight.



Buggzy has been MURDERED!
Posted: Icetears @ Sun Apr 16, 2006 8:36 pm
This Just In! There has been a murder! The Easter Bunny, Buggzy was found dead, last night. He was found strewn out in many pieces as if ripped apart. It seems this is the work of the vicious Zombie Gang. This gang is noticed by their zombied masks that they wear. This morning, while doing research on whether or not the Zombie Gang was part of this or not, I found a note on my desk:


We, the Zombie gang have killed Buggzy. That stupid rabbit didn’t know what he was doing. We will help Little City rise from it’s ruins just as we have from our graves.
-Leader of the Zombie Gang

We are unsure of whom the Leader of the Zombie Gang is, but we promise to find out!