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Anionline is designed to be used with Fire Fox, not Internet Explorer



NPC This section of anionline is the store where you can buy all the items you could possibly want Anionline v2.0 //


This section of AniOnline is the store where you can buy all the items you could possibly want.

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  Donations are the main source of money for AniOnline and without them, it would be unlikely that the site would continue. We show our token of thanks by giving donators special donation items which are not sold in stores and never will be. These tend to rapidly gain value within the economy.

Currently the only way to donate is through Pay Pal, which is a safe money transfer service. To donate please use the link bellow. Once you have donated you need to PM the following details to Icetears  to receive your item or items.

The information Icetears will need are listed bellow
Real name:
Pay Pal Email Address: 
Transaction ID: (if you don't know this don't worry, it is not vital but makes our job easier )


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