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Anionline Official Rules and Guidelines

Icetears Is incharge of Donations. Private Message her which donation item you would like and she will add it to your inventory As soon as possible.
The Donations items change every month. Two are released each time and Donations are £3.00 or £6.00 for both items.

Paypal Email address:
Money donated:
Item Wanted:


Here you will find all the donation items and the month or months they were released. They are in accending order of release.


Donation Item Number: 1
Item Release: March 2006
Item Name: Angel Wings
The First Donation item to hit the community, a beautiful pair of angel wings putting you one step closer to heaven.


Donation Item Number: 2
Item Release: April 2006
Item Name: Halo
With a pair of Angel Wings we need to release the Halo.


Donation Item Number: 3
Item Release: May 2006
Item Name: Dark Devil Horns
What is a devil with wings and no horns?

Donation Item Number: 4
Item Release: May 2006
Item Name: Vampire Wings
Vampire Wings came out with Devil horns in the same month.

Donation Item Number: 5
Item Release: June 2006
Item Name: Dark Halo
Halo of the Fallen Angel

Donation Item Number: 6
Item Release: June 2006
Item Name: Angelic Head Band
One step closer to being an angel