10th Aniversary Witching Hour!

In April 2006 AniOnline was created and then slowly died off. Join us as we mourn the loss of AniOnline on it's 10th anniversary.
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[NPC] Ai

Alright you guys, pick anything you want on the menu. Grim's paying for everything, so eat to your heart's content!

[NPC] ZarathShould we really be having breakfast at a time like this?

Now is the perfect time for breakfast. We're going after Black Naru tonight, so we need to be ready to give it our all. And what better way than a hearty meal, amirite?

[NPC] NaruIsn't she going to damage the timeline? That sounds really urgent.

Yeah, it would be... if I wasn't one of Grim's elite team of experimental Time Travelers. It doesn't matter when we do it, we just have to do it. We need all the time to prepare for when she does escape so we can capture her as soon as possible, and make sure she doesn't do anything that could alter history.

[NPC] ZarathHow are we gonna do that?

We'll start by scouting the park parameter where she was last seen. Of course, with that Gemini Watch she could appear anywhere in the city, so we should spread ourselves out as far as we can. Risky and I will cover a city block, then go back an hour and cover another block.

[NPC] NaruRisky?

Oh, right, he's another Waybacker. You probably haven't met before. Anyway, we'll be able to cover more ground that way, and increase our chances of finding her.

[NPC] ZarathSo, if you cover a single block in an hour, and there are about twenty blocks here...

[NPC] NaruThat's almost an entire day!


[NPC] ZarathDon't you need to sleep?

O-Oh... O-Of course I need sleep!... but I can just go back a day and sleep then.
So, what block do you want to start off at?

Post » Sun Nov 13, 2016 6:21 am


[NPC] Naru
If Zarath will take the street close to the hotel, I can take the one on the other side of the park. If you're going to do that whole time-hopping thing, you should spread yourself out to cover more ground. Scout every other block, and then if you run out of areas go back and scout the ones you missed. Do you know what your friend is doing?

[NPC] AiRisky already said he's covering the left edge of the park on his own. I'll be covering the right. That still means you two have the upper and lower streets all on your own. Do you think you can handle all that?

Of course! Me and Zarath have Astral Beast powers, so we can spirit away to different blocks.

[NPC] ZarathBut Isn't magic restricted in Little City

Post » Sun Nov 13, 2016 6:53 am


[NPC] Ai
It's not magic. Your powers come from your ability to fully control your spirits. Anytime you spirit yourself away somewhere or use an astral projection that's you doing that. Aether is an extension of yourself, not some magic spell you summon. Think of them like you would an Olympic swimmer's ability to swim well, or someone's ability to play the guitar.

But even if they're not restricted, if some bystander sees you used them, are they going to think they're super powers or magic? The cops aren't going to ask questions like that if they catch you using ghost powers. They'll do that after they take you down to the station, and then what?

[NPC] NaruI think if anyone saw us vanish it would defeat the definition of being "spirited away."

[NPC] ZarathWe could pretend to be Super Heroes. Would that work?

You'll need a Super Hero permit before you can run around in a mask fighting crime. Otherwise you're just a vigilante.

Post » Sun Nov 13, 2016 7:09 am


[NPC] Ai
We could just... try not to get caught.

[NPC] AiAlright, but I'm not gonna be able to bail you out with time travel, alright?

What if we scout the city ahead of time? Zarath and I could look for sweet spots like alleyways or phone booths where no one could see us. We could safely teleport between them without being noticed, and mark the spots on our PDAs so we know where to jump to next.

[NPC] ZarathThat... That might just be crazy enough to work! Not to mention we'll be looking for her in the dead of night. Who's going to notice someone disappear past midnight?

We could also just jump from rooftop to rooftop. N-Not literally jump though. Astral Teleportation.

[NPC] ZarathI know. I know.

A loud *CRASH* is heard outside.


[NPC] AiLooks like someone dropped something on another guy's car. I'll go check it out. You two wait on the food.

[NPC] AiLaaaaatttteeeerrrr~

Post » Sun Nov 13, 2016 7:20 am


[NPC] Naru
What did I get myself into?

[NPC] ZarathSomething wrong?

Grim came to me fifteen minutes after I first got here to drop a bomb on me about time and space collapsing, and then backpedals the seriousness of the whole thing when I lost sleep worrying about it.

[NPC] ZarathI'm sure he didn't mean to.

You say that about everybody.

[NPC] ZarathWell sometimes it's true.

And sometimes it's Garamond or Jack Frost.

[NPC] ZarathSometimes, yeah, but Garamond has a reputation to maintain, and Frost is a douche bag who'll do anything to get on your good side. Even sensei trusted him... until he started waving that fancy armor in front of her hoping she would forget all the terrible shit he did and she had to put her foot down.

Know what? Sensei's cool. Really friggin cool. I don't think I say that enough.

I prefer her to Grim, that's for sure.

[NPC] ZarathHow about we tell him how you feel next time we meet? I'm sure he'll understand.

They might want me to leave the event team if I do that!

[NPC] ZarathIsn't that what you want?

Of cour- I mean N- Urgh, it would be irresponsible of me to just abandon them to take care of it themselves!
And- And- I flew all the way here from Saito! Why did I even come if I wasn't going to help out with the event?!

[NPC] ZarathI'm confused. Do you want to help Grim then?

Naru groans as she lays her head on the table, covering the top of her head with both arms.

I wasn't expecting something this big.

[NPC] ZarathThis looks like a problem only friendship can solve!


[NPC] ZarathDon't be like that! You've got me and Ai to help out... and Ai's Waybacker friend Lucky.


[NPC] ZarathYou actually remembered that?

I read online that knowing two languages can improve brain activity including memory and other cognitive skills.

[NPC] ZarathWell now I wish I studied Ancient Zymalian... Unless Saitonese is easier.

How hard is Saitonese?

I have no clue, but it can't be as hard as English.

Post » Sun Nov 13, 2016 7:28 am


[NPC] Ai

Zarath turns his head for a second to look away from Naru when Ai came back to the table. When he turned back, Naru was sitting upright and smiling as if everything they talked about never happened.

Sorry I'm late! Grim took care of everything. I went back a few minutes in time so I wouldn't keep you waiting, but I can go back a few more if I took too long!

...wait. Did another me come by here before I showed up?

[NPC] NaruNo, you were gone for only a minute.

[NPC] WaitressThanks for waiting. Here's y'order!

Right on time! Heh, get it? lolololololololololol

[NPC] Naru......

[NPC] Zarath......

[NPC] NaruAlright... guess I'll dig in then. Ittadekimasu~


Post » Sun Nov 13, 2016 8:01 am


[NPC] MatsukoThis is News Reporter Matsuko reporting live for Channel 6 News. People on the street are witnessing what can only be described as a giant snow globe surrounding the entirety of Central Park. A large bubble-like shield encased the park earlier this morning, and what's stranger is the inside of the park has started to snow, turning Central Park into a winter wonderland. The bubble has since acted as an impenetrable barrier, blocking any and all from entering the park. Despite reports of civilians exiting the park, philanthropist, and manager of the Justice Core Bugsy Lapin has said some remain trapped and unable to leave. Aside from an earlier incident where one captive required intensive medical care, the people inside the park are in no immediate danger. Mr. Lapin is currently speaking with government officials in dealing with the situation.

While the bubble has not caused any casualties so far, one man, while driving an SUV, crashed into the barrier. The man, who wished to remain anonymous during an interview, claimed to not see the barrier in front of him and was rushed to emergency care earlier this afternoon. Police and community managers have spent most of the evening setting up traffic cones and detours to prevent any further incidents. Drivers are encouraged to adjust their routes to work around the obstruc-


[NPC] MatsukoObstruction caused by the phenomenon at the park. If you or someone you know has been injured-

Matsuko steps on the cowering civilian.

[NPC] Matsuko...as a result of the park, all medical expenses are being paid for by the Hebun and Helen Medical Fund.

[NPC] MatsukoI'm News Reporter Matsuko with Channel 6 news, and under Little City state law, I am obligated as a reporter to beat up anyone who tries to hijack us live on television.

Post » Sun Nov 13, 2016 8:08 am


[NPC] Yellow Spirit
Meanwhile, Risky gets a message from his future self.

[NPC] Yellow SpiritHey there past me. Can you do me a favor?

no go away!!!!!!!

[NPC] Yellow SpiritHey mom and dad said to be nice.

they said i dont have to listen 2 u if i dont want 2!!!!!

[NPC] Yellow SpiritWill you listen to Ai then? She needs our help with an escaped park guest that we need to capture before they tamper with the timeline.

THEN U DO IT!!!!!!

[NPC] Yellow SpiritI'm busy exploring the basement in this big building I'm in.


[NPC] Yellow SpiritBut you aren't doing anything right now, and dad's already got on my case for being lazy sometime in the last week. I know, right? What a hypocrite.

So I thought, "Why don't I motivate myself in the past so I become less lazy? If there's anything I don't like about myself I can just give you a better upbringing and I'll become better as a result!" What do you think? Sound good?


[NPC] Yellow SpiritThere's nothing weird about being interested in girls! Whatever, that's perfectly normal for someone your age. You'll understand when you're older.


[NPC] Yellow SpiritNo you're stupid!


[NPC] Yellow SpiritSh- Hold on...

......I'll call you back. Something's up.

hello? HELLO?????????


[NPC] Black NaruHey there kiddo. Do you like candy and toys?

future me says not to talk to strangers

[NPC] Black NaruHey, I'm no stranger! I'm Naru, remember? I'm Ai's best friend, and I just came back from the candy and toys factory and loaded a whole bunch into this van behind me.

Black Naru is standing behind an unmarked delivery truck.

[NPC] Black Naruwant some?

i like video games

[NPC] Black NaruWell I got lots of candy and toys and video games in the back of my van if you want.

thats a delivery truck tho

[NPC] Black NaruLook do you want to get in the back of my van or not?

do u knwo how 2 drive

[NPC] Black NaruThey won't let me have a license, but I'm pretty sure I know how to drive. Why don't you hop inside and I show you some of my mad drifting skills?

like in mario cart?

[NPC] Black NaruExactly like in Mario Cart.

Post » Tue Nov 22, 2016 10:58 pm


[NPC] Naru
Meanwhile, Naru, Zarath and Ai have been scouting the city in search of Black Naru. Halfway into their search, Naru gets a call on her PDA.

[NPC] AiNaru! Come in Naru!

What's going on Ai?

[NPC] AiI don't know, but something's very very wrong.

What makes you say that?

[NPC] AiRisky's not answering his PDA. He's suppose to be scouting near the docks, but I think he might have gotten confused on which side he's in charge of. Problem is, I haven't found him wandering any of the rightmost blocks either.

Isn't there any past/future Risky's you can contact?

[NPC] AiI contacted him a few hours ago while we were still on the road, telling him to be careful. He said he had everything under control, but he's still missing! I tried calling Grim, but last he saw Risky he went to explore some of the lower floors of the mansion.

So is he even scouting the area?

[NPC] AiI... I don't know... Have you heard back from Zarath?

Naru has another call come in.

[NPC] ZarathHey, I found something! Looks like Black Naru was at the hotel we were staying at.

The hotel?! omg is my mom okay?!

[NPC] ZarathYeah, Mrs. Matsuri is fine. I think she gave Black Naru a run for her money too. But that's not the important part. Here, look at this.

Zarath has sent a photo.

What the heck?!
Zarath, is there anyone around where you are right now?

[NPC] ZarathAi said she's taking care of witnesses. Anyway, there's more of these down the street. I think Black Naru wants us to follow t-

Alright, I'm here, where should we start?

[NPC] ZarathUh... T-This way!

Ai, we'll call you back once we find Black Naru, okay?

[NPC] AiRight!

Post » Fri Nov 25, 2016 8:42 am


[NPC] Black Naru
HA Hahahahahaha! About time you showed up!

[NPC] NaruBlack Naru!

[NPC] Yellow SpiritHEEEELP!!!

I was gonna hit the town if you were gonna be a no-show. Look, I got myself a brand new spear to replace the one you broke!

[NPC] ZarathFuture you broke the last spear she u-wwwwWWWWHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING?!

The spear Black Naru is carrying has an extremely disturbing face on it. The face is distorted into a permanent snarl, eyes bulging out in perpetual shock, and is breathing heavily nonstop. It almost looks like breathing is causing it intense pain, but it just keeps going, eyes darting back and forth as if death is imminent.

You like it? It's got another Gemini spirit trapped inside! Also it boosts my magic or whatever.

[NPC] NaruDid you forget magic is disabled in the city?

Oh... wait... shit!...

Oh well, it's no big deal! I've got more tricks up my sleeve that don't rely on magic.

[NPC] ZarathIs that Ai's time traveler friend she's got with her?

[NPC] NaruHey kid. What's your name?

[NPC] Yellow SpiritRiskyyyyyyyyy!

[NPC] NaruYeah it's him.

Alright Risky, you stay put while we take care of this bad lady, okay?

Oh no I'm sooo scaaared!

HAHA! As if! Thanks to time travel shenanigans I've got to be at least three years older than you, and I already had more fighting experience than you to begin with!

Out of the way, runt! Big kids are playing now!


You want some of this? Come get some!

Post » Fri Nov 25, 2016 9:17 am



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