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In April 2006 AniOnline was created and then slowly died off. Join us as we mourn the loss of AniOnline on it's 10th anniversary.
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[NPC] Priscilla

[NPC] TequilaWoooow! This place looks so much different at night! Ai has really gone all out planning this event!

So tell me what you think. MUCH better than the daytime event, huh?


[NPC] TequilaSpeechless, are you? The event takes on a completely different persona when the sun goes down. That's because the night owls have influence over the place while the daywalkers are in their beds.

Yeah, but I think my internal clock is broken now.

[NPC] TequilaOho, have you become one of the night owls as well now?

I'm not an owl.

[NPC] Tequila?

[NPC] TequilaOh! On no, I can tell. You're definitely no owl. You're more of a... some other nocturnal animal... Like a... Like a... Hm. I had a good example but I can't think of it right now.

Hey, is your guildmaster okay with you being out this late?

It's fine.

[NPC] TequilaIf you say so.

...Wait, What the heck?

[NPC] TequilaWhat is it?

That. That building over there. That wasn't there before.

[NPC] TequilaBuilding?... Wh-


Yeah, you see it?

[NPC] Tequila...What the hell?
...What the ****ing hell?!


...Is everything okay?

[NPC] TequilaCilla I need to go investigate. That is NOT suppose to be here.

You mean the building?

[NPC] TequilaYes I mean the building! How did it even-?! Who could have-?! When I find out whoever was responsible for this...!

Post » Wed Jan 31, 2018 12:38 pm


[NPC] PerseusHaha... Newspapers are so obsolete...

Perseus hears something outside his apartment window.

[NPC] Perseus...weird...

Perseus goes back to reading his newspaper. He still thinks they're obsolete, though. If it weren't for anyone over 100 still kicking it around the newspaper industry would collapse. Lucky for them they have Elves and Oni and Valkyries that don't want to let go of the past. Humans are the only ones moving for the future and evolving. But hey, if they want to wade in the status quo for another century who are we to stop them? And it's not like Perseus hates reading analogue. It's probably better for his eyes that he's not staring at a screen all day. Not that he's ever had problems before.
There's an article about "Consectetur Adipiscing Elit." Apparently "Aenean convallis sapien nibh, nec commodo sem egestas eget." Not only that, but it goes on to say that, "Cras rutrum odio nec fermentum sagittis", and "Cras hendrerit elementum dapibus."

...That all sounds really confusing. Oh look, there's a convenient article that explains "Lorem ipsum" to you. You heard about this in college. It's where someone took a bunch of scrambled text and used that to see how paragraphs and type would look on a page. Must be a slow news day, because that's the only reason anyone in the newspaper industry would toot their own horn like this. Well, than and to distract the reader long enough for the animated gif above to finish playing and reveal...

Perseus wakes up in a cold sweat. Andromeda is staring at him from across the room, the back light from her eyes creating a striking contrast with the darkness surrounding her.

[NPC] AndromedaGood morning.

I am detecting an above average increase in heart rate. Did you have a bad dream?

[NPC] PerseusY-yeah... had to have been...

[NPC] AndromedaMr. Perseus, are you feeling well? Perhaps this event is giving you unwanted stress? I recommend finding a relaxing activity to enjoy.

[NPC] Perseus...yeah... yeah yeah yeah, that sounds like... a good idea.

Hey, I have a better idea. You should come with me. We can make it a date. B-but not that kind of date! Like a date between friends, or a date between two stressed out people that need to chill the **** out and not lose their science damned heads eventually.

[NPC] AndromedaI assure you, Mr. Perseus, I am completely sane. You could even say I am enlightened right now.

In fact, without any human emotions clouding my judgement, I can only act on rationale alone.

[NPC] PerseusY-yeah... I guess so...

Say, Andromeda... if, hypothetically speaking, you ever had an "irrational human mind"... do you think you would prefer it over a rational one? And, say this irrational mind was... really irrational... like, a danger to yourself and everyone around you irrational... you'd understand if someone might want to temporarily give you a more rational mind... for everyone's safety... yours included, right?

[NPC] Andromeda......

Your question is... odd, Mr. Anetic. I am afraid it is too complex for me to accurately answer right now. I will attempt to process it in the background and give you my answer at a later time. Will that be okay?

[NPC] PerseusY-yeah... that's fine.

[NPC] AndromedaI have the complete schedule for today's activities listed in my database. The next event will begin in one hour. If you would like breakfast before we leave, I suggest you visit the dining hall now.

[NPC] PerseusSounds like a plan!
Thanks for the heads up, Ashley.

[NPC] AndromedaAshley?

[NPC] PerseusEr... sorry. I'm still half asleep. I was thinking of someone else. I'll introduce you once this whole thing is done and over with.

Perseus leaves the bedroom. Andromeda's eyes follow Perseus across the room, never blinking or breaking eye contact with him until he was out of sight, and even then her eyes lingered at the door for an uncomfortable amount of time.

[NPC] Andromeda......

[NPC] Andromeda......

[NPC] Andromeda......

Post » Wed Jan 31, 2018 1:05 pm


[NPC] Jim
The dining room is not as crowded as last night. Most of the guests are either sleeping in late or have gone to another restaurant in the park. Jim is helping to organise a plan to slowly pacify the androids.

Danger Vaporeon detected no spikes in hostile activity last night. I'd like to imagine yesterday was just the androids taking their orders a tad too zealously, but with my luck that's most definitely not the case. Doubt me if you want, but I think we could all stand to benefit from rehabilitating the androids.

[NPC] Danger VaporeonAnd if ya need any info on whichever android you're speaking to, I can use the hivemind network to gauge whichever interests they have. Maybe spending time with their favorite hobby or reminding them of their old lives will awaken some kinda inner peace in them?

[NPC] ZarathThat sounds nice.

[NPC] Future!ZarathDon't forget you also have future versions of yourselves who can help.

[NPC] ZarathYou wouldn't mind giving us hints on how all this will play out, would you?

The group can sense other park guests staring at them as they pass by. Some are carrying heavy equipment like large sand bags, cinder blocks, and crates of food off to parts unknown. The event staff are doing little to stop them from wandering off with whatever they have their hands on.

[NPC] Future!ZarathThey've been doing that all morning. I think it's safe to say something big's gonna go down. That's all I'm going to say.

[NPC] MarvinA gold star for trying not to make that sound ominous.

[NPC] ZarathBut that's no reason to give up! Risky told me the less we know about the future the better we can influence it!

[NPC] MichiThat's true. He did say that.

Even if we're doomed to fail, our actions could have some beneficial consequences to how things play out. So... not a losing battle entirely. Thank heavens for that.

Everyone know what they'll be doing?

Post » Wed Jan 31, 2018 1:27 pm


[NPC] Amy
Marvin and I are hosting a magic show this afternoon. We've been preparing since yesterday for it.

[NPC] GoldieGoldie's gonna go SWIM!!!!

I don't think the androids are able to swim though...

[NPC] Bugsy III saw one or two dressed as lifeguards.... so maybe they can?


[NPC] Bugsy III've seen other civic duities too. Police officers, entertainers, vendors... Really impressive for a bunch of shell shocked veterans. I like it. Just because you got some baggage doesn't mean you can't be a productive member of society.

[NPC] NaruI'm holding a concert. It's just me, my guitar, and a lot of pent up angst at the world, but I heard music soothes the savaged beast or whatever.

[NPC] MichiYou three doing anything or are you gonna sit on your hands all day?

[NPC] North KoreaYeah I'll... think of something... You'll yell at me if I don't after all...

[NPC] MilanNaru's already given me an idea on what to do.

[NPC] DrosselI haven't seen Priscilla anywhere today. Do you know where she went, Mizuki-san?

[NPC] MichiShe wasn't in the tent when I woke up. I figured she just had to brush her teeth or something.

Whatever, we don't need to know. She'll show up eventually.

Post » Wed Jan 31, 2018 2:00 pm


[NPC] Ai
Oh good. There you all are.

[NPC] JimMorning Hanasaku! We were just thinking about what to do with the androids. Want to join us?

Can't. We have a problem.

Ms. Tequila's gone missing.

[NPC] NaruMissing? Wasn't she staying in your room last night?

Yeah. She wanted to take a break and went outside for the late-night events, but she should have come back to get some sleep. I was up all night waiting for her to come back. I even tried messaging her, but she hasn't answered.

[NPC] JimDid you know about this, Vaporeon?

[NPC] Danger VaporeonNow that you mention it, where did that fiery redhead run off to?

So you don't know either...

[NPC] Danger VaporeonWas too invested in monitoring the hivemind last night.

[NPC] JimGoldie, do you think you can sniff her out? She was wearing some very distinct perfume last night.

[NPC] GoldieMmmmmmm... Don't like lady's smell, but Goldie will try....

It's fine. It doesn't really matter. I'm sure you'll find her on a park bench asleep somewhere. I was just worried my past or future self might have taken her back to her own time period is all. I don't know what I'd do if that were the case.

[NPC] MichiWhat? She became your girlfriend over night or something? Had no idea you were into older ladies Hanasaku.

It's not that! She's just... really really cool and she makes me feel special and yeah that does sound like a romantic relationship but it's not! As if I could ever get on her level anyway. She'd probably manage this event better than I ever could...

[NPC] Michi :umad:

W-Why are you looking at me like that?! Go do your little play dates with the androids! It's not going to matter anyway! I already have plans for later tonight to solve all our problems at once!

Ai walks out of the room in a huff, but bumps into Risky in the doorway.

[NPC] Yellow SpiritThere you are! Ai why the hell did you-

Sorry! Sorry! You walked in on me while I was changing yesterday and I panicked, but I don't have time right now! Why don't you go spend time with your girlfriend? Naru, Zarath, and I have somewhere to be.

Post » Wed Jan 31, 2018 2:51 pm


[NPC] Amy

[NPC] Yellow SpiritShe's not my girlfriend!


[NPC] Yellow SpiritMiss Amy saved my life when that scoundrel killed me in the basement last night. And unlike being granted another abstract body, the body Miss Amy gave me is more alive than all the bodies of Grim's spirits combined. After being given such a generous gift, to devote my time and energy to Amy and her friends is the least I can do to repay her kindness. To expect any sort of reward for my servitude, let alone a romantic relationship of all thing, not only disrespects my honor but Miss Amy's as well!

Let me be perfectly clear. I am not, nor do I consider myself, her boyfriend.

...Oh... Okay then... Glad that's finally settled...

[NPC] Yellow SpiritI'm her slave!


[NPC] Yellow SpiritMiss Amy, pay no attention to my terrible friend. And I ask you do not place your wrath upon her. No, it is my fault that Ai came to such a blatantly inaccurate conclusion. Please, forgive me for indirectly causing you such grief. If it will grant you any sort of cathartic relief, please beat me until you are satisfied.


[NPC] Ai......

Naru? Zarath? You coming?

[NPC] ZarathYou sure you're up for it, Ai? You look... well, worn out.

[NPC] North KoreaThat sounds like stress. I got something for that if you want.

[NPC] MilanNo one gives a shit about your stolen elevator music, North.

[NPC] North KoreaIt's not elevator music. And it's not stolen. It's re-sampled. You wouldn't get it.

[NPC] MichiYou and Hanasaku have the exact same problem. You worry too much. You've got yourselves caught in a worry feedback loop. Just relax. Let us handle everything.

[NPC] AiYeah, listen to your sensei. I'll be fine. I can sleep anytime I want. Naru, can you take us to Soup Con?

[NPC] NaruOkay. Good luck everyone!

[NPC] ZarathWe're counting on you!

Naru spirits the three of them out of the dining room.

Hey Risky, you wouldn't know what happened to Ms. Tequila, would you?

Post » Fri Feb 02, 2018 2:44 pm


[NPC] Yellow Spirit
That's a very good question, considering I followed her up to Ai's room yesterday, as per your orders, Miss Amy, and woke up two hours ago with no memories of last night!

[NPC] JimThat... does not sound good. You didn't hit your head or anything, did you?

No, but Ai has a memory eraser gun.

Risky holds up a Rollback Magnum he got from a future Ai.

[NPC] AmyDidn't she say something along the lines of you walking in on her changing?

Yeah I'm not buying it. Something's wrong. Also, she once apologized to me for doing something terrible at an event in Little City, but I had no idea what she was talking about at the time. Wanna bet this is it?

[NPC] AmyThat is weird. Do you think Ai has any other secrets she wants to keep hidden?

Well, yeah, but I know about that! And don't ask me what it is! It's top secret!

[NPC] JimI wish we could help Risky, but we're a bit occupied with another dilemma at the moment.

[NPC] AmyThe androids are brokeded and we needs to fix them. We're gonna do that by making them feel the happy thoughts.

[NPC] JimThat's... certainly the plan... Think you all are up to it?

[NPC] Bugsy IIWe're just hanging out is all, right? What could possibly go wrong?

[NPC] MarvinPlenty.

[NPC] DrosselWe won't know unless we try. We should spread the word while we're at it... but not mention anything too specific.

Post » Fri Feb 02, 2018 3:38 pm


[NPC] Grim
Guess who shows up out of nowhere?

It's Grim.

Hey everybody! Enjoying the event so far?

[NPC] Yellow SpiritWhere the hell have you been?! Do you have any idea all the shit that has gone down so far?!

Sorry, no... I've been... busy with other things. Specifically, you know who.

Risky is startled by Grim's response. He looks at the Rollback Magnum in his hand, depressed.

[NPC] Yellow SpiritOh... right...

You think of anything?

Sorry... All we can do is wait, I'm afraid.

[NPC] Yellow SpiritWell, the Ai right now is acting really weird! You know anything about that?

Weird as in... how?

[NPC] Yellow SpiritAs in "she's a completely different person." She being really evasive and antisocial. I don't even know what I did!

You weren't hitting on her, were you?

[NPC] Yellow SpiritEw no Grim she's been my best friend since we were kids!

I... see...

[NPC] MichiGrim, you know things. Can you give us any info on the androids? Something weird is going on with them.

Oh, right, the Reflections. Well, I know Johnny Wisp is at this event. He and Lily Anne are working together to help the androids. Honestly, I think tonight's "special event" isn't going to be a surprise to anybody, considering for a lot of the guests this is their "5th rodeo." Your future selves are certainly being good sports about keeping it a surprise, though.

[NPC] Future!ZarathGriiiiiim!!!

Hello Zarath! I thought you just left.

[NPC] Future!ZarathDifferent me!

Ah, right.

[NPC] MilanThe hell do you take us for? Casuals? We don't need any hints.

[NPC] North KoreaYeah. We'll just get discouraged if we know what'll happen.

That's the spirit! Personally, I'd love to help as well, but you're all still young, and I wouldn't want to interfere with your developing maturity. I only do that if things get really bad... which has happened... a few times.

[NPC] Future!ZarathIt's not like we don't want to warn you guys. It's just... we like how things turned out... and we want to avoid it getting accidentally worse. If you start having an imagine spot where you mind shows you something terrible happening, that's not your imagination. That actually happened, but because of time travel the event was changed and you're remembering the old timeline. They make us all uncomfortable and we want as few of them as possible.

I better let Risky's parents know about this coming event. We're going to need them.

Grim vanishes.

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[NPC] Perseus

Everyone looks at Perseus.

Can we not do the glaring eyes all at once? I wanna help with this too. It's to save my own skin, but that should count for something, shouldn't it?

[NPC] AndromedaMr. Anetic would like some breakfast, and my database is missing crucial information on today's breakfast menu.

Hey, anyone want to know what woke me up this morning? One of the skeletons in my closet.

[NPC] MichiI'm guessing you didn't sleep so well last night.

I'll be fine as soon as I have my coffee. Andromeda, could you get me a cup?

[NPC] AndromedaCertainly. What would you like?

Whatever is easiest?

Andromeda leaves to fetch some coffee.

[NPC] North KoreaThe easiest thing would be not to drink coffee. It raises heart rate and stains your teeth.

Yeah, let me know if you're singing the same tune when you're my age, kid.

[NPC] AmyIf you're going to help the androids with us we'll need a plan on what to do. Danger V already said he'd give us information on the android's preferences over the hivemind network.

Well if you wanna know, I had a bunch of guys do some research on Andromeda back when we activated her and she went crazy. We got her into a low-operational state where we could ask her basic questions. According to the official report, she said her name was "Ashley." We couldn't get anything else out of her. She kept muttering "It's hot", "Make it stop" and "Where's Johnny?" over and over again.

[NPC] AmyThat sounds like Andromeda all right.

I can't tell you a lot about the rest of the androids. Almost all of them were silent in low-operation. The ones that did respond... we decided not to use them.

Post » Fri Feb 02, 2018 4:15 pm


External Avatar
[NPC] Danger Vaporeon
*Ahem* If y'all'd like my two cents I say we hit the streets and yoke up with the first android ya see. If you need any valuable information on the model number that crosses yer path, give me a ring. I'm patched into Wayback Con's LAN server and can communicate to you over PDA. The worst thing y'all could do is nothing, so get on wit'cha!

[NPC] AmyBut! But! What about breakerfast?!

Well eat'cher breakfast, and then get goin'!

[NPC] AmyRisky you're helping me and Marvin with my magic show, okay? Unless you have any objections to that? Hehehehe...

[NPC] Yellow SpiritN-No not at all! Without a second thought! You can rely on me, Miss Amy.

[NPC] AmyGee, thanks...

[NPC] AmyYou're welcome. And don't worry. I have a plan.

[NPC] MichiFadbury, you're with me today. If you're done eating we should get going.

[NPC] JimGoing where?

[NPC] MichiWe're looking for an android we can be friends with. Also, I need to repay you for helping Cilla yesterday, so we're teaming up. Also, I need to figure out which androids attacked Cilla in the basement yesterday. I thought you'd want to help me.

[NPC] JimSo, you're repaying a favor... by asking for another favour?

[NPC] MichiNo, you- I want to hang out. Don't you want to hang out?

[NPC] JimWell I'd love to, but I was grouping with Amy and-

[NPC] AmyI'm going with Perseus to keep an eye on Andromeda. You're free to go with whoever you want.

[NPC] JimWell, Goldie probably needs me to-

[NPC] AmyAlso, Goldie left to go swim in the lake. I tried to tell her to wait since I saw a bunch of construction equipment there. The event staff might be doing something with it.

[NPC] MichiThey'll be fine on their own, James. They're all adults.

[NPC] JimI guess I've got no choice...

[NPC] MichiThat's better. Just pretend like we're treasure hunting. That's what I do when I'm around you.

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